My name's Karly Summers and I write songs

Since I was little, I've found comfort and clarity in writing lyrics paired with melodies. It's therapeutic, like writing in a diary. I write throughout the ebbs and flows of my life, and I remind myself of what's important. 

In my teenage years, I began finding support in my craft. I released my first music video when I was fourteen and began performing publicly, busking and playing at festivals and events. After high school, I released a single, followed by an EP, and then finally, what had become a long time dream of mine, a fully produced 12 track album. 

Most recently, I have found joy in helping others along their own creative journeys. I began teaching guitar in my early twenties and I now run a private music teaching practice, where I spend time with those who wish to explore their musical side through a variety of different mediums.

At the centre of all of my endeavours is a love for expressing, creating and sharing. I'm twenty-four now and am beginning this blog as a way of becoming more in touch with myself and my creativity.  I aim to express and create without limitation. Whether it's through song, photography, words or poetry... As well, I want to immerse myself in and show gratitude for all the beautiful little things in life...

Because I believe there's art in everyday, if you'll only look for it.

And this is me, looking.


To hear my most recent music, click here.

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