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Little Things Lately

Little Things Lately

There’s something about lately that has me noticing…

Little daily things that I may have simply moved on from, thinking nothing more of them than their merely being a part of my routine or a bit of the scenery, I’m now finding myself pausing before them in appreciation and realization of how truly significant they are….

All these little things accumulate together and make up our existences. We may deem one thing more impactful or bigger than another, but without all of them working together in a kind of symphonic sequence, our lives wouldn’t be our lives. There would be holes. There would be empty bits for us to fall through.

These little things fill up our lives, whether we notice them or not. But when we do notice; when we choose to give them our full attention, that’s when the real magic kicks in…

This very well may turn into a reoccurring post for me. A kind of gratitude practice as well as a reflection over the past 30 or so days of my life.

Here are the little things I’ve been noticing this September…

1. Hot drinks on cool autumn days.

2. Soaking up the last bits of sun on the warmer days.

3. Bowls of GOODNESS.

4. Finding vintage treasures at the local thrift.

5. Spotting all things YELLOW.

6. Anytime with Ferris.

7. Walking downtown streets in the fall.

Let us never underestimate the power of relishing in the everyday.

What “little things” have you noticed this month?

Soldier On

Soldier On