I'd love to help you along your musical journey!

I have been performing music for a decade and playing and creating it for even longer than that. Although it comes naturally to me now, I too have experienced the early stages when I was still (pardon the pun) finding my groove! I know what it's like to be a beginner and how daunting it can feel. It can seem overwhelming. But it certainly doesn't have to be!

My teaching style focuses on each of my student's individual strengths, needs and musical preferences. I want you to enjoy about what you're learning, so we play songs you like! I also put emphasis on experimentation and the ability to have fun with it, as I believe these are vital aspects to cultivating creativity, as well as in pursuing a passion.

My speciality is in guitar instruction, so these are the lessons that I offer. Sessions cost $30 per and are standardly once weekly.

If you're wanting to explore your musical side, I'll be there with bells and whistles on! ... And my foot tambourine! Yep... I have that. :-)